Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will my child be playing with whilst they are at FFDN?

We will continue to adopt the curiosity approach, playing with real item, rotating items in and out of use to allow us to clean everything daily. Role-play items will be washed after use.

Our children use messy play items and we will not have access to play-dough, sand or water. Unnecessary soft furnishings and cushions have been removed.

How does social distancing in bubbles work?

The government (and nursery) know that socially distancing children of a young age is not an easy task, nor is it beneficial to their mental health or wellbeing.

The children will continue to play and interact with other children in their bubble as normal.
The main rule is that they will not play or interact with any other bubble. They will not have to stay 2 metres apart from the children in their own bubble. Our rooms have been set up to allow us to accommodate this requirement.

What is the nursery routine?

Each bubble will go outside throughout the day and have a set area of garden they are able to play in. This will be rotated. We will also spend as much time outside as we can where possible, doing things like eating meals, snacks, sleeps/naps and group times.

What should I bring in?

In your child’s bag please bring all the usual items; water bottle, spare clean clothes, sun hat, nappies, cream, wipes, comforter, bottles, dummies etc.

Children should be brought to nursery in freshly cleaned clothes every day.

Who can drop and pick up my child?

Parents/carers identified on the registration form are still able to collect children, but we must enforce only 1 adult per child. Be mindful of exclusions as per government guidance with regards to shielding. High-risk groups such as over-60s and those with certain medical conditions should not visit the nursery.

Will we be required to adjust our drop-offs and pick-ups?

We will continue to monitor this. Currently our session times have remained the same, but we would advise you as time goes on if this is something we have to introduce. Please ensure you follow the signs and floor markings outside the building to ensure you are social distancing from other parents and carers.

My child has been prescribed medicine.

Prescribed Medicine must be brought in a clear bag and placed in the bag boxes by the front door. You will then receive a permission notification on Famly to allow us to administer the medicine.

Our Medicine Policy rules still apply: 24-hour exclusion for antibiotics and if your child is unwell, they should not be brought into nursery. We will continue to follow COVID rules as per current guidance.

Water Bottles

We are requesting children to bring in their own water bottle (named) to be used at nursery and taken home at the end of the day. This water bottle should come to nursery clean and full of fresh water.

What happens if my child becomes upset?

Our staff will continue to comfort and care for children in their bubble as per normal.

How do I communicate with my child’s key person?

We will continue to use Famly to communicate important messages, forms and handover. If it is necessary to call you, we will still do that, and you are also still welcome to telephone the nursery if required.

My child’s routine has changed.

Please advise us of any changes to your child’s routine; e.g. bottles, sleeps, naps, taste and interests – change of home life, family arrangements, pets, anything. Key information helps us plan activities to keep your child engaged with their play and offer new and exciting experiences.

Can my child wear a face mask?

Current government advice says it is not beneficial for children to wear masks. Part of the reason is that children are not able to wear masks safely and will most likely touch their face more often than normal, thus increasing the risk of infection and spread rather than reducing it. As such, we will not put masks on children.

We will continue to update you on Famly with any changes as we normally would.

Operating a safe and secure environment for our children is our highest priority.